Shared Services

In order to offset expenditures and provide enhanced levels of service to residents, the Township of West Caldwell shares certain services with other municipalities. Questions regarding the benefits of the following should be directed to the Township Administrator:
  • Joint Recreation Program (with Caldwell)
  • Shared Municipal Swimming Pool Facilities (owned by West Caldwell; shared with Caldwell & Roseland)
  • Consolidated School District (with Caldwell) 
  • Regional Environmental Health Services (with the Essex Regional Health Commission)
  • Area Health Education & Screenings
  • Regional Senior Citizens Transportation Services (with Caldwell and Roseland) 
  • Shared Hazardous Materials Response Team (with other Essex towns) 
  • Mutual Aid Agreements for Emergency Public Safe assistance
  • Joint purchase of road salt from Essex County 
  • Joint purchasing through the New Jersey Cooperative Bidding Service 
  • Shared leaf shredding equipment with several communities
  • Regional Wastewater Treatment with both Caldwell and Two Bridges 
  • Shared Tax Assessment Services (with Cedar Grove)
  • Shared Welfare Services (with Caldwell)
  • Joint purchase of gasoline with Board of Education
  • Join purchasing of leaf collection bags with North Caldwell and Caldwell
  • Self-Insured Multi-line Insurance Pool with over 40 communities 
  • Shared Education Seminars for Planning/Zoning Board Members 
  • Shared Health Services with Fairfield 
  • Co-operative Library System (BCCLS) with over 72 other communities

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