On-line Payments for Tax and Water Bills

Beginning January 20, 2015, the Township of West Caldwell is making it easier for residents to pay their quarterly tax and water payments by offering the ability to make online payments through Link2Gov, Corp.   A pin number is required for all online payments. To obtain your pin, or any additional information, please contact the Tax Collection office at 973-226-2300.

For credit and debit cards, Link2Gov, Corp assesses a convenience fee of 2.95% for property tax and water payments. The fee for electronic checks is $1.05 per transaction. The Township does not charge any additional fees for these payments. The purpose of these fees is to offset the cost of the credit and debit card or electronic check transaction.

To make an on-line payment, click here.

In addition, the Township continues the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) program whereby residents can authorize their quarterly property tax and water payments to be debited from their checking accounts automatically. There is no convenience fee associated with the ACH program. For more information on the ACH program, click here.