West Caldwell-Caldwell Recreation Policies & Procedures


The Township is committed to maintaining and enhancing West Caldwell as a distinctive and uniquely desirable community of choice for residents and businesses. The mission of the recreation department is to provide programs and facilities for athletics, play, and leisure activities in order to enhance a key component of community quality-of-life. The Department promotes these recreational opportunities in the most effective, efficient and economical manner, encouraging all members of the community to participate. Recreation seeks to foster a relaxed environment where diversity in skill level is respected and thereby conducive to engage participants and teach them to accept every individual.
- Foster sense of community
- Provide quality, pastime leisure opportunities with an emphasis on those not otherwise available
- Provide youth activities that promote health and growth, and that provide an outlet for play
- Provide recreational opportunities for special needs individuals.

Youth Athletics Programs:

The Township offers extensive youth athletic programs, which have a high level of participation and which are specifically designed in accordance with established goals and approach. Our programs and activities emphasize inclusiveness, and are designed to provide service and satisfaction to the greatest part of the community. Programs are progressively team-oriented and provide competitive opportunities consistent with the core philosophy of inclusiveness, fitness, sportsmanship, and fun. School programs, and a number of programs offered by community organizations, also serve to achieve Township goals and objectives, and support the youth athletics approach.
Youth Athletics Objectives:
- Healthy physical development
- Basic sports skills
- Progressive team orientation
- Competition in support of other objectives

Operating Policies:

The Township distinguishes among four categories of youth athletic activities in achieving recreation goals:
Township Recreation Programs
School District programs
Tier 1 Community Organization Programs
Tier 2 Community Organization Programs and unaffiliated activities

Tier 1 programs are defined as those that meet the following criteria:

1. Recognized by the Township Council as directly and substantially contributing to the attainment of Township Goals in a sport or activity not offered by the Township or otherwise readily available.
2. Adopts and follows the Township’s approach and policies regarding inclusiveness, socialization, sportsmanship, healthful activity, and competitiveness as a secondary emphasis.
3. Adopts and follows the Township’s rules and regulations in conduct of all components of the program activities, including coaching, staffing, practices, team assignment.
4. Is appropriate to season
5. Is operated by an established non-profit entity

The Recreation Department shall annually, as part of budget preparation, provide to the Recreation Committee a review and evaluation of Township, School, and Tier 1 programs including participation, program components, and relevance in relation to goals. The Department will also make recommendations regarding changes to programs or program mix, field and facility utilization, and additions or deletions to Tier 1. The Recreation Committee shall forward to Council its final recommendations for action, if any.

Any West Caldwell or Caldwell non-profit organization may submit to the Recreation Department an application for recognition of its program(s) as Tier 1. The form and content of the application shall be established by the Recreation Department. Applications may be submitted annually in November or December for consideration in the upcoming annual Department review, and if approved by Council for recognition, the organization shall formally adopt the Township’s policies, rules, and regulation for the program.

Township Fields and other facilities will be allocated in accordance with the above categorization:
First priority: Township programs
Second priority: Scheduled School District programs
Third priority: Scheduled Tier 1 Programs – fee charged
Fourth priority: Tier 2 programs, unscheduled School District and Tier 1 programs – fee charged and scheduling on an ‘as available’ basis

Fields and other athletic facilities will be scheduled seasonally. Township, school, and Tier 1 programs may be scheduled on a ‘full-season’ basis, including practices. All other programs and events will be scheduled on an ‘as-available’ basis. The Township reserves the right to limit field availability to conserve field functionality and to ensure adequate availability for general public use.

The Township will not provide funding or other material support aside from properly maintained facilities to other than its own programs

The Recreation Department shall annually, as part of budget preparation, provide to the Recreation Committee a review and evaluation of Township Fees. Fees will be established for participation in a recreation activity and facility use including the cost of maintenance and operation, and will be reviewed, and may be revised by the Twp Council on an annual basis upon recommendation of the Recreation Department.

- The Township will provide facility maintenance and general sport appropriate preparation

- The Township will not provide staffing beyond requisite facility supervision as determined by the Township, and will charge for the cost of such supervision

- The Township shall establish such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the effective, efficient, and equitable conduct of programs, field and facility use, and other components of the Township’s Recreation activities.